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Sunie Gorey has been teaching Yoga for10 years. She discovered her passion for Kripalu Yoga after realizing other yoga styles were focused primarly on exercise with little to no spiritual growth. The beauty of Kripalu Yoga came in to her life while working as a tour manager for Kashi's Day of Change Tour, which allowed her to teach Yoga throughout the country. She discovered the general public was starved for something more than exercise. They needed peace of mind, body and soul all in one: Kripalu Yoga. The inquiry of body and breath, inward awareness and meditation in motion attracted her. "Kripalu is a Yoga for any body. We can each choose to accomplish health with the support Kripalu offers us. It completes a Natural Lifestyle." Sunie received her Kripalu Yoga certification in 2009 and holds a chef certification from The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. She is a firm believer in supporting and living locally.


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